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10 Favorite Albums of 2008

Kay Kay and His Weathered UndergroundIts time for those year-end-lists. The only one I ever end up reading is the top music. 2008 had some interesting developments in music. For example, NIN, among others, continued to toy with a new model for distribution of music. All the while I, and many of my friends, have stopped buying CDs and have gotten far too interested in finding albums on vinyl. Looking back on 2008, I have to say the music industry still does not understand their audience (probably will not say this until American Idol does not exist), but plenty of great music graced my ear drums nonetheless. Here is some of the music that has helped me through hours of coding at work and running at the gym.

Great 2D & 3D Animated Video from SNA-FU entitled Dorian

This video caught my eye this morning on NOTCOT.org. Laurent Gillot really made three videos in one. There is 2D animation of the band rockin’, 3D animation of the boy growing up, and finally 3D scenes with excellent lighting made of cardboard. All this is wrapped in some of the best transitions ever. I really enjoy the bass drum pedal dropping on the scene, the descent through the snares and of course the 2D hand strumming the 3D strings. Check it out:


Flash based interactive piece entitled "Pusher".