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Top Secret Emails from Send.


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Send. Easy Email Encryption. Simple. Powerful. Secure.

Send. Easy Email Encryption. Simple. Powerful. Secure.

“ encrypts your email using the same algorithm the NSA has deemed fit for the encryption of TOP SECRET information. The email is then sent on to the recipient(s).”

I will cover the ins and outs of the new service provided by Sendtm (Send Technology, Inc. or STI) but first I want to point out one fact that you might overlook. They trademarked the word “send”. I find that amazing. I have since tried to think of more verbs that would work as grounds for a killer startup/business idea, but haven’t come up with anything as solid as “send”.

Great 2D & 3D Animated Video from SNA-FU entitled Dorian


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This video caught my eye this morning on Laurent Gillot really made three videos in one. There is 2D animation of the band rockin’, 3D animation of the boy growing up, and finally 3D scenes with excellent lighting made of cardboard. All this is wrapped in some of the best transitions ever. I really enjoy the bass drum pedal dropping on the scene, the descent through the snares and of course the 2D hand strumming the 3D strings. Check it out: