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Send. Easy Email Encryption. Simple. Powerful. Secure.

Send. Easy Email Encryption. Simple. Powerful. Secure.

“ encrypts your email using the same algorithm the NSA has deemed fit for the encryption of TOP SECRET information. The email is then sent on to the recipient(s).”

I will cover the ins and outs of the new service provided by Sendtm (Send Technology, Inc. or STI) but first I want to point out one fact that you might overlook. They trademarked the word “send”. I find that amazing. I have since tried to think of more verbs that would work as grounds for a killer startup/business idea, but haven’t come up with anything as solid as “send”.

Who Trademarked Send?

Send is the brainchild of a great friend of mine, Daniel Stevens. Dan has a knack for entrepreneurial ventures and also founded Punch Code, LLC (with whom I work freelance for occasionally) and MX Force. These are in addition to all the crazy ideas he had growing up like which was a great outlet for two high school drum line band nerds who were curious about development, design and the new fangled internet. (Those nerds being he and I.) These days Dan does it right and you can read more about the company structure on the “company” page of their site.

How Does Send Work?

The simple interface on the front page is all you need to send and sign up for the service. If the system doesn’t recognize you, it asks you to create an account without any kind of redirection. Once you fill out your email simply check your inbox for the activation code and complete the sign up process. Finally, send your encrypted email just like any other email service. You can include an attachment up to 10MB, which is very reasonable. Send does not store a copy of your message or the attachment, remember its encrypted. The recipient will receive a “.html” file attachment with a link back to Send which will take them through the same signup process if the system does not recognize their email address and finally the goods, the encrypted email message, and any attachments. The html file actually includes the encrypted data. I tested this with a pdf of my print pass for ACL. It worked perfectly and was super fast. AMAZING!

How Can Send Help Me?

Send’s service is really simple and useful, the application interface easy to use and fast (ExtJS), and best of all its free. I run a small freelance business myself and I can think of many times when this will come in handy. I have clients who like to have personal information like SSN or even W9 forms on file. I don’t know about you, but I really feel uneasy about sending these files or information via email and reject fax machines and traditional phone lines, which I leave in the 90’s. This is where Send comes in handy.

Send Is Everything It Claims To Be

Some final notes you may be wondering about, but don’t have the inside scoop (or the time to read the FAQs): Why is this service free? The basic functionality is free, but I hear there are a ton of advanced features planned. This will undoubtedly result in some sort of enterprise services geared at businesses at all levels, small or large. FREE!?!? What are the limits? Well, you can send up to 20 messages a day with 10MB attachments, which I think is more than fair.

What an awesome service. I encourage you to test the service out. Chances are you can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with encrypting some of your email interactions, but if not at least you can see how a well built fast web application functions. If you can think of any more uses for Send or any verbs you would like to trademark and turn into a rock solid business, please comment.

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