A Bit About Me

Hello, my name is Chad. I am an experienced web designer and developer currently freelancing out of Austin, TX. I love making standards based, useful solutions through simple, creative design and extensible, agile development. I have many years of experience and have harbored a passion for this work since I first opened Photoshop and wrote my first lines of code in high school. Fueling a successful startup in Trabian, leading a productive team as Creative Director for Protect America, and successfully braving the freelance market with All Speeds have all contributed to my diverse skill set, which uniquely encompasses designer and developer.

PHP and MySQL, my favorite development weaponry, XTHML and CSS, accessible semantic web design, Javascript frameworks (mostly jQuery), as well as open source frameworks are what gets my blood pumping. I also have, however, a large amount of experience with internet marketing via email marketing, banner advertising, web analytics, SEO, and PPC.

I do:

  • Analytics
  • CMS development
  • Development (PHP/MySQL/JS)
  • eCommerce
  • Flash/Actionscript
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • SEO

Why All Speeds?

All Speeds is the name I came up with for many a username and eventually this site. My interests in art, design, and the web have always been diverse. I received a degree in Environmental Design from Texas A&M University where I nurtured my love for designing, both digitally and using traditional forms such as photography, painting, and illustration. I also picked up the fundamental training in the quest towards becoming a code ninja. Over time as my career progressed, “All Speeds” continued to fit as my skills in design and development grew with practical real world application.

Currently, allspeeds.net is a business focusing on freelance web design and development. If you’re looking for elegant design coupled with solid back end programming accentuated by simple user interaction, consider All Speeds for your internet needs.

About This Site

If you would like to know what is involved in the technology side of this site, look no further:

The Backend

  • WordPress
    Blogging CMS
  • 1and1
    Site hosting
  • jQueryAjaxContact
    Homemade WordPress plugin to send email

The Frontend

  • jQuery
    My favorite javascript library.
  • CSS
    To make everything look the way it does, fancy.
  • Uni-Form
    Forms have never been easier.

More Resources

Thanks for reading. If you want to know more about me, work together, or just stalk… you can email me or find me in these places: